Since he was a young boy, Wayde has been outgoing, goal-oriented and a natural leader. A student at Hopes Fulfilled DD at The Viscardi Center for the past 12 years, Wayde recently graduated at the top of his class and has set his sights on becoming a civil law attorney so he can help others with disabilities.

Wayde’s senior year at Hopes Fulfilled DD was filled with rigorous academics and the usual senior activities – a prom, class trip, and commencement exercises. It even included an Amazin’ Call from New York Met, Daniel Murphy, who invited him to a game and on-field, pre-game festivities. Wayde will be starting a whole new chapter of his life when he attends Adelphi University in the fall. The University recognized his academic merit, leadership qualities and community service by awarding him a substantial scholarship. In fact, his academic performance made him a well sought-after college freshman. He was accepted into every higher education institution he applied to.

In addition to being an excellent role model for the elementary and high school students at Hopes Fulfilled DD, Wayde has been mentoring young, first-time campers at the Southampton Fresh Air Home, a summer camp for physically challenged children ages 7 to 18, for the past several years.

One of three triplet boys, with an older brother too, Wayde will be dorming at Evanston and looks forward to living on his own. “It’s a big step but I am looking to become more independent,” he explained along with how he felt the teachers and staff at Hopes Fulfilled DD had prepared him for this new experience, which included overnights at The Viscardi Center’s Independent Living House where he learned everyday life skills like planning meals, cooking and cleaning.

He also plans to actively participate in college campus activities and clubs, including the student government where he thinks he can lend a voice to issues facing fellow classmates with disabilities.

Wayde credits Hopes Fulfilled DD with encouraging him to set the bar high and dreaming big. His words of wisdom for children and adults with disabilities, “Even though you have a disability it doesn’t mean you should give up….all a disability means is that you may have to work harder to accomplish what you want to get done. It may be difficult sometimes, but you never should give up.”

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